Institute of Osteopathic Medicine has changed its address to: Fuchika ul., 4, building “B” Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Our new telephones: (812) 327-57-02, (812) 327-57-03 Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (IOM) accomplishes teaching and training for Doctors of Osteopathy. Doctors of all medical specialities (regardless of age, period of work, and place of residence) and students of fifth and sixth grade in medical institutes can be admitted to the Institute with necessary further clinical studies to go through. The learning is not free of charge; it is a part-time learning. Tuition fee is taken according to a flexible plan. Tuition fee is minimized; learning lasts 4 years. The learning programme meets the requirements of international standards and is carried out with the participation of Higher Osteopathic School (Paris, France) and International Osteopathic Society (Geneva, Switzerland) The lectures of the Institute have DOE certificates. Foreign lecturers of osteopathy, Russian Professors and Doctors of sciences, lectures of specialities studied in the course of osteopathy are taking part in the learning process. Doctor State Certificate in rehabilitation medicine and osteopathy and European Doctor International Diploma in Osteopathy (DOE) are given on graduating from the Institute, after passing the examinations and thesis’ defense. The Institute is provided with well-equipped class-rooms, video library and library of osteopathic literature. Pleasant learning conditions are created for students’ work. Staying and meals’ matters are settled in the most convenient way for students from other towns. The Institute arranges post-graduate seminars for Doctors of Osteopathy to improve their professional skills. The Institute carries out scientific work. The Institute performs disease-prevention work and treatment. The Institute is taking part in organization and realization of scientific and practical conferences, as well as international symposiums. The institute participates in the organization of professional associations of osteopathic physicians.